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Andreas Grundhttp://www.andreas-grund.de


  1. - Graduated from High School

  2. - Apprenticeship to Automotive Sales

  Management Assistant

  1. - Graduate of Business Administration with   

  majors in 

  1. Automobile Business Administration

  2. Marketing

  3. International Management

  4. - Studied abroad at College of Charleston,

  Charleston, SC,  USA

  1. - Internships at leading companies of the

  Automotive Industry

  1. - Student Trainee besides studying

  2. - Junior Excecutive Manager Audi Retail GmbH

  3. Project Managing sales departments

  4. Project Sales / Marketing Germany

  5. Project Manager Restructuring Sales Backoffice

Detailed Information:

You‘ll find at the Password Access section. I‘m looking forward to send you your   personal access information by Email.